Key holder out of keys


One of my jobs was in a special effects shop and there were lots of scraps of wood that were being discarded.  So I snagged a couple with the hopes of figuring out a project for them after the fact. One of those blocks became this handy key holder.  I used:

leftover keys from offices of the past
a small block of wood
wood stain
a hammer
sanding paper
three screws
2 vice grips
two eyelets

I took the block of wood and sanded down edges with medium grit sandpaper.  Then I antiqued it, ie: hitting the wood with a hammer. Then I stained it and got ready to work on the keys.

keys Blockofwood stainedwood

The keys were by far the trickiest part because they really aren’t meant to be bent. I broke two in the process, so I would have extras. I used a vice grip to hold one end of the key and then another smaller vice grip to slowly bend the keys into hook shapes. I imagine if someone were to heat up the keys they might have some better luck.

Once I got the keys bent, then I only had to screw them into the wood. To hang it I used the hardware I had in my house. I inserted the eyelets on top and then ran fishing line through them. The whole project took about an hour or so.


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