A little shelf for my coconuts


One of my favorite Mardi Gras parades is Zulu, and one of the best throws are the coconuts. This year my boyfriend and I ended up with an amazing 9 coconuts and 5 half shells. So the questions became, where do we display these glorious throws, these points of pride. I decided I was going to make a corner shelf out of pallet wood for our living room.

For all the many pallet diys I’ve pinned, I’d never actually broken down a pallet. It turns out to be a little tricky. I tried to pull it apart, but I quickly decided sawing it apart would be easiest. (Well easy is a relative term, I don’t have a power saw, but the wood was soft enough that I was able to saw by hand). I cut half the pallet apart and saved the rest for later. I then took some 80 grit sand paper and went about sanding down the 2x4s. I tried to cut them roughly the same length, but as I was going for a more homemade look, I was OK with them being slightly different.

After I sanded them down, I went about staining the boards. Also I realized that I would need a way to connect the boards, so I dug into my pile of things I never throw away.  I had some wood inserts from wine crates that I had used on other projects, so I cut two to length and stained them the same color. Then I screwed them into the bottom of the boards to connect them all together.

underside     IMG_9084    IMG_9086


Then all that was left to do was put up the brackets that I found at an architectural salvation store near me www.riccasarchitectural.com/ and two L brackets. All in all, I think it came out well!

Final Product

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