Personalized dish

Finished productIMG_9077


Making a little serving dish of your own is pretty easy. You can find a little glass dish a lot of places, like thrift stores, Target, the Dollar Store… you get the idea. You won’t be able to wash the dish, so this method isn’t recommended for dinner dishes or glass wear.


After you get your dish, you need to pick something to put on it. You’ll want the paper cut out to be on the thinner side as thickerIMG_9079 paper is the more difficult to contour to the shape of the dish.


IMG_9082Then you want to cut it out. An Exacto knife works well with the detail cutting. Once you get your design cut out, make sure you know the placement. Then paint Mod Podge (or a similar product) over the back of the dish covering the paper cut out and glass. Not the front of the dish though. Follow the directions on the Mod Podge bottle, but you’ll probably need a couple coats. After that has dried, you’ll want to use an enamel paint to paint the back of the dish. I went with  black. You’ll want to do a couple coats of that as well, letting it dry completely between coats.


Once my final coat had dried, I sprayed the back of the dish with a clear finish spray. I’m not sure if it was completely necessary, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to put a final seal on the project. I think it turned out well!

Finished dish



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