Hanging Basil Plant


I love gardening, especially growing herbs and vegetables; I’d love to have a raised garden bed where I could plant eggplant, tomatoes, lettuce…, but I don’t have a lot of space. In the meantime though, as basil is so easy to grow, I figured I start there. I just needed a place to keep it. I wanted to hang the plant, but because I’m a renter, I needed something to hang it from.


hanging plant palletAfter my pallet shelf, I was left with a piece of pallet, that because of hoarding tendencies, SandI’ve held onto. It was perfect. I used a hammer and chisel to remove the remaining pieces of the 2x4s I sawed off for the shelf. Then I sanded the piece down with some 60 grit sandpaper.  You can sand it down as much or as little as you want, but I wanted to keep it looking a little rough around the edges.

SAMSUNGAfter that, I painted the piece with a clear polyurethane coat to protect it. I gave it two coats. After that I took a pickle jar and removed the labels. (I used a little goo gone to help get the sticky bit off). Then I used some bailing wire and wrapped the wire around the lip of the jar. WireI left extra wire around so I could make a handle to hang it from. Then I took some glass marbles that I got from the Dollar Store, to put on the bottom of the jar to help with drainage.


I got the actual basil plant from a local nursery, but you can buy seeds or a plant at a grocery store, home improvement store, or even Target. So I took some potting soil filled up the bottom part of the jar, took the basil plant out of the pot it came in and planted it in the jar. Once that was planted,  IMG_9236 I took the pallet piece outside and buried it slightly in the ground, to make it stable. (I’m a renter, so I can’t attach it to the house).Hanging basil plant Then I hung the basil jar from one of the original nails, and now it is currently residing outside of my front door, so I have easy access to it. I’m planning on planting and hanging more herbs from my little plant stand soon!

Basil Hanging Plant

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