Make your own candle holder and garland



While I made these for a winter party, I think they could work year round. In the winter, leading up to Christmas time, grocery stores, home improvement stores, churches (to name a few) will be selling Christmas trees. They all cut a few inches off the bottom of the trunk before the tree gets brought home. These christmas tree cuttings are just discarded, and so they are free. I got my pieces at Home Depot. They were just on the ground in the cutting area. I took some pieces home, and then took my spade bit drill bit image_22042 that was closest in size to the candle I would be using, and drilled a hole in the cutting. It wasn’t a perfect fit, and I would recommend a little smaller is better than a little bigger. In order to make it work, I carved a little off the bottom of candle, making it more narrow at the bottom, and melted the bottom a bit before putting it in the hole I created. The melted wax makes the candle a bit more secure.

That’s all there is to it!



**NOTE** while not pictured, these stores also discard the lower branches that have been cut off. These are easily turned into a homemade garland for over your door, mantel, or where ever you see fit. All you have to do is take some floral wire and connect the branches. For a stronger garland, I recommend connecting the end to the middle of the next piece.  It will mean you need more pieces to make a longer garland, but it will be a stronger garland.

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