Raised Garden Bed

The summer has been a busy time for me, but I’ve had the chance to do some really fun projects. One of those was a raised garden bed. It’s perfect for my friend Susanna’s apartment, because the back of the house opens onto a great outdoor space, but it’s mostly cement and gravel. She really wanted a garden, so we got to work on her new raised garden bed. We based our project on this post on queen bee coupons. We did stray a little though.


We started off by clearing all the weeds and leaves from the space. We measured out where we wanted it, and then with that information we went to Home Depot to buy the supplies. We decided to buy 8ft long 2x4s and get them cut to the correct length. We had them cut at Home Depot so we ended up with 4, 8′ long pieces, 4, 6′ long pieces and 2, 2′ pieces. We also picked up 4 Balusters for the corners. We bought  a box of 3″ deck screws, a tarp, soil and waterseal. Then we went back home and got to work.


WP_20140524_020We laid out the initial rectangle created by the four 2x4s, and then we went about drilling two holes in each 2×4, and then screwing the deck screws through the 2×4 into the baluster.

We did this all the way around the frame, for both levels. Then in the middle of the 8′ sides we attached the two 2′ pieces to act as further support.

We then carried it over to where we wanted it, and got to work getting it ready to plant in. WP_20140524_023





Our next step was to put in the tarp and soil. We laid the tarp in and then made some cuts in it throughout, so the garden bed could drain. We then put in some of the gravel that’s abundant in her back yard to also help with drainage. The tarp was bigger than the frame, so once laid in we cut the excess. We wanted it to protect the wood, but not to be visible. Then we filled up the garden bed with soil.

WP_20140524_025We used a water sealant to protect the outside of the wood, and then Susanna got to planting. I’ll post some pictures of the final product soon!

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