Customized onesie!

When someone you know and love gets pregnant/decides to have a baby you want to get a special gift, but if you want to get them something that shows your love for the future little tike without breaking the bank try making a custom onesie!

Tyler, my boyfriend & artist, and I were excited to hear that our dear friend was pregnant. We expect to give the lovely girl many gifts throughout her life, but we wanted the first gift from us to have a personal touch. It’s very easy and keeps the cost down too!

Pick the size/age: When you get clothes for a future baby you want to consider the the baby will only be 1-2 weeks for 1-2 weeks, so I try and get an outfit for the later months of her life.

Pick a style: Once you pick an age (because that’s how baby clothes are sized) you want to consider what time of year it will be when the baby hits the afore mentioned age.  Our future friend is due in May, so it will be September when she will be sporting our onesies, so we opted for short sleeves because here in New Orleans it will still be hot and humid.

Prepare the clothes: It’s always a good idea to wash any clothes before you alter them, even if it’s just to draw on them.

Start creating: Tyler chose Sharpies. It’s important to put some newspaper or scrap fabric inside the onesie so the color doesn’t bleed through. Otherwise, draw away! Here’s what he came up with:

Photo Mar 06, 10 22 04 AM  Photo Mar 06, 10 22 18 AM

I chose fabric paints. Again, it’s important to put something (newspaper or scrap fabric) inside the onesie:

FrontbackPhoto Mar 06, 10 22 32 AMPhoto Mar 06, 10 23 15 AM

I hope you enjoyed this creative, inexpensive gift idea!

If you’d like one made for you just reach out to me & Tyler; we’re always happy to make more!

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