Photo to wood transfer

Photo Jul 29, 9 28 26 AMAfter a wonderful trip to a friend’s cabin in Wisconsin, I wanted to give our hosts a gift that spoke to how much we loved their lake house retreat. I decided to take one of the photos I took on the lake and make it a piece of art for them.  It turned out to be super easy!


  • A picture printed from a laser printer- like a color photocopier
  • An unfinished piece of wood
  • Omni-Gel photo transfer liquid
  • Paint brush

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Photo Jul 25, 5 11 22 PM

Step 2: Paint the piece of wood with the Omni-Gel, covering all parts of the wood that the image will cover

Photo Jul 25, 5 15 06 PM

Step 3: Lay the image over the piece of wood and smooth it out, getting rid of any bubbles. Let it sit for 24 hours.

Photo Jul 25, 5 18 00 PM

Step 4: Run water over the printout and rub the paper away by hand.

Photo Jul 28, 1 44 24 PM

This may take a couple rounds of rewetting, but once you remove the paper you are left with….

Photo Jul 29, 9 28 26 AM

It’s a super easy project, that’s fun and creates a lovely piece of commemorative art 🙂

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